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Who We Are ?

Bella Kareema is a Turkish company based in Bursa & Denizli, with a fabulous reputation for great quality products & exceptional customer service. We have almost 10 years experience in manufacturing & selling quality textiles and supply wholesale to hotels, restaurants, spas, salons, sports clubs and and sports teams.

We can make towels, bathrobes, bedding, curtains, blankets, pillows, tablecloths, napkins & more. If it’s made of fabric then we can make it for you! Bella Kareema is proud to offer all our customers the perfect quantity of quality at very competitive prices.

In addition to the sale of finished products, we also wholesale a whole range of fabrics including terry towelling, waffle, fabrics for bedding & more. Our customers are located all over the world in Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Russia to name a few.

We offer worldwide shipping with all our textiles and as of 2022 have a satellite office in Europe for both sales & marketing. To discuss any of this in more detail or to find out more about us, please get in touch