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We deliver all over the world by FedEx and EMS. When your article has been shipped you can track the status of your order with using the reference number you will receive by email. Delivery time for shipments depends on the individual shipment company. Delivery by FedEx and Aramex typically takes 1-3 business days. These are reputable services with excellent delivery records.

While we do everything within our power to ensure the timely and correct delivery of the goods we send, in keeping with other Internet shopping services, we have no control over postal services and therefore are unable to guarantee arrival dates or take responsibility for delays in shipping.

We make sure all packages are properly package and sent. But there are instances where Customs will open parcels and charge customers for items. We will provide you with a Customs Number. But once packages are in the hands of the postal service but we have no further control over your international order. However, in practice, the number of issues we experience is negligible.