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Bella Kareema: Islamic Fashion Revisited

Who says that Muslim clothing has to be dull and boring? Not any more, at least! Dull and lifeless clothing has now paved way for interesting apparel designed for the Muslim women. Today, Islamic clothing for women is available in a hue of styles and colours, boosting the style element without any compromise on the modesty factor.
Bella Kareema, a renowned brand that offers in clothing for Muslim women, has come up with an attractive collection of hijabs, abayas, skirts, tunics, trousers and coats that appeal to women of all ages. The collection is designed keeping in mind the very ethos that shape the Islamic way of life. However, the high-quality clothing also factors in the positive shades of the latest in the fashion world. One can rightly conclude that the exquisite collection is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.
Islam is the second most popular, and the fastest growing religion in the world. In fact, are you aware that in UK alone, the population of Muslims is set to cross twenty six million by year 2050? Now, can you imagine the growing demands for Islamic clothing in the times to come? One may ask, is all clothing worn by Muslims, Islamic clothing? Or, do only Muslims wear Islamic clothing?
To answer the above questions, let us talk about what exactly “Islamic clothing” is! Ask any layman about it, and they will describe such clothing as a collection of flowing, long gowns, kaftans, head scarves, etc. Well, in reality, Islamic clothing is all that and a lot more. In fact, Muslim clothing can be varied and fun, too; in spite of the rules and guidelines that define them.
Individual preferences in clothing may be influenced by education, socio-economic settings, ethnicity, demographics and the users’ adherence to faith. Also, one must take into account the fact that almost more than 80% of Muslims live outside of Arab world. Hence, it can safely be said that long, flowing gowns and head gears are no more the sole representatives of the modern Islamic apparel for ladies.
Today, Muslim women are no longer restricting their clothing to long kaftans or gowns with simple hijabs. They are experimenting with long tunics, button-down long tops and dresses, ankle length skirts and trousers in a variety of colours. Bella Kareem strives to make Islamic clothing more colourful, fun and classy. In the past, women often lamented about the shortfall of options when it came to modest clothing. However, with ecommerce and its wonders, it has become much easier for them to find clothing that is in line with their religious sentiments as well as appealing to their fashion sense.
Go ahead and explore fashion clothing for Muslim women; you will be spoilt for choice! Islamic fashion is now more fun than it has been in the past.