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Bella Kareema. Bringing style to faith.

Bella Kareema by Dilyara Sadrieva is about more than design, more than fashion.

Bella Kareema is about the integration of virtue, grace, elegance, refinement and comfort. Bella Kareema is about Muslim women combining their highest values with their natural vibrancy and humanity.

Bella Kareema is about helping secular society relax in the presence of believing women through a style and beauty it can appreciate.

Bella Kareema is about Muslim women better integrating with their surroundings, achieving self-fulfilment, and participating meaningfully and actively in the societies in which they live.

True Islam is beautiful. When women who choose to dress modestly bring style to faith, attitudes among secular officials, employers, colleagues, and relatives often warm – both towards those individual Muslim women and towards Islam as a whole. This is good for everyone.

Bella Kareema by Dilyara Sadrieva. Bringing style to faith.